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DEN & Construction Energy Performance Contract

Denver International Airport, known as DEN, is the world’s third busiest airport serving over 68 million passengers in 2019. DEN also serves as the state’s largest economic engine, generating more than $33.5 billion annually for the state and the surrounding region.

In 2021 DEN announced Vision 100, an airport-wide strategic plan to develop capacity and infrastructure to accommodate 100 million passengers per year within ten years. Vision 100 outlines guiding principles focused on Sustainabilit

Telling the Whole Story

We have challenges ahead. We have the solutions to tackle them.

The conversation about our climate crisis is amplified every April, but over the last few years it has grown beyond the month and Earth Day, and we are now more robustly engaged in the climate conversation than ever before. We are collectively exploring more ideas and solutions for decarbonization, supporting and utilizing financial incentives and collaborating on long-term planning to ensure results that stick. Good. It’s a start.

Investing in Our Planet: It’s a Necessity, Not an Option

As April has come to a close, with its robust global conversation about the challenges we face and the celebration of those taking action to change the status quo, I am optimistic that the voices so vocal these last 30 days keep the narrative going. It is on Earth Day we are reminded of our responsibility to come together and use our problem-solving skills, innovative prowess and constant curiosity to change communities around the world. But the work goes beyond one month.

Phoenix Convention Center Lighting Transformation Has Big Impacts

The Phoenix Convention Center is one of the largest convention venues in the United States. In addition to the convention facility, the complex includes Symphony Hall, Orpheum Theatre Phoenix and nine downtown parking facilities. Having just celebrated 50 years in service to the City of Phoenix and the State of Arizona, the center has led the way in revisioning its role in the community and its impact on the economy of the region.

City of Denver Invests in Community Solar Gardens

The City & County of Denver’s leadership and Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR) are working to enable a sustainable, resilient, climate-safe future for its residents, employees and visitors. On October 20, 2022, city leaders and project partners celebrated the completion of the first 2 of 11 community solar gardens being built around the city over the next year.

Charged with rapidly and equitably transitioning the city to 100% renewable electricity by 2030, CASR has

American Public Works Association Reporter - article (editor)

Public works professionals have a vital role in the decarbonization of the built environment. Water, wastewater, building development and operations and fleet typically make up the majority of a local government’s carbon footprint.

This month’s edition of the American Public Works Association's Reporter features an article by McKinstry’s Brad Liljequist and uplifts the role of our nation’s public works departments in leading the way to a zero-carbon future.

Building Climate Resiliency in Rural Colorado Communities

As the climate challenges we face continue to grow, we must act boldly and swiftly to find solutions and implement initiatives that will result in real transformation. The time is now to deliver the outcomes our communities need for resiliency. The climate crisis, coupled with increased systemic inequities, a vulnerable supply chain and perpetually high materials costs, has left those in more remote communities and likely, farther from resources, poised to suffer the most.

Why is the Inflation Reduction Act Important to Building Owners?

Our IRA video series dives into the details of the recent legislation to help you understand your options.

The Inflation Reduction Act creates significant opportunities for building owners to ready their operations for long-term resiliency and eliminate deferred maintenance, realize cost savings, accelerate decarbonization and reach equitable outcomes for generations to come. What does that really mean? Join McKinstry’s Megan Owen to explore the meaning of and opportunities made possible by the
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Video Series

This gallery features one example of a video series on the newly-passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The content was created to amplify expertise, provide clarity, and position the organization as a leader in the conversation. I was responsible for the plan and strategy, crafting the script/talking points and all pre- and post-production collaboration with the videographer.

These videos were featured in social media campaigns and on this IRA content library.


This gallery features examples of newsletters, both for internal and external audiences.

Old School, but Still Samples!

Yeah, these are from the way back machine, but in their time, they were awesome! Style and tech have come a looong way.