What are your desired outcomes?

Making the most of communications efforts means starting with the end in mind.

Through strategic planning focused on desired outcomes, communications efforts and storytelling can inspire, inform, persuade, demonstrate, connect, and motivate.

Authenticity, clarity, integrity, value, alignment, expertise, answers, humor, emotion...these all have their place in an impactful and dynamic communications plan and strategy. By focusing on the desired outcomes and with a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise, audience, and customer, I build and implement communications programs for influence, connection, and action.

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Phoenix Convention Center Lighting Transformation Has Big Impacts

The Phoenix Convention Center is one of the largest convention venues in the United States. In addition to the convention facility, the complex includes Symphony Hall, Orpheum Theatre Phoenix and nine downtown parking facilities. Having just celebrated 50 years in service to the City of Phoenix and the State of Arizona, the center has led the way in revisioning its role in the community and its impact on the economy of the region.

Investing in Our Planet: It’s a Necessity, Not an Option

As April has come to a close, with its robust global conversation about the challenges we face and the celebration of those taking action to change the status quo, I am optimistic that the voices so vocal these last 30 days keep the narrative going. It is on Earth Day we are reminded of our responsibility to come together and use our problem-solving skills, innovative prowess and constant curiosity to change communities around the world. But the work goes beyond one month.

Telling the Whole Story

We have challenges ahead. We have the solutions to tackle them.

The conversation about our climate crisis is amplified every April, but over the last few years it has grown beyond the month and Earth Day, and we are now more robustly engaged in the climate conversation than ever before. We are collectively exploring more ideas and solutions for decarbonization, supporting and utilizing financial incentives and collaborating on long-term planning to ensure results that stick. Good. It’s a start.